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About Syscor Alarm, Inc.
Protecting homes and businesses since 1983

Syscor Alarm has been protecting your community since 1983. Locally owned and operated, we specialize in integrated security systems for businesses and homes. We are often asked why the name Syscor? What does it mean? Syscor stands for Systems Corporation. We truly are the systems people. Our projects range from large commercial buildings such as the Balboa Naval Hospital, to smaller businesses such as your local Quiznos sandwich shop.

Syscor Alarm is best known as San Diego’s first low cost security company, selling over 5,000 systems through Price Club (now known as Costco). Your peace of mind is incredibly affordable thanks to our inexpensive security package. Our systems not only protect against theft, we can monitor for fire, flooding and carbon monoxide leaks.

Your safety is our business! Are you wondering just how safe your neighborhood is? Take a look at these statistics provided by the City of San Diego Police Department. You’ll find a list of crimes by neighborhood for January and February of 2009. Download the San Diego Crimes By Neighborhood report.